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Super Blue Blood Moon coming Wednesday

30 January 2018

While the moon is in the earth's shadow it will take on a reddish tint, known as a "blood moon", Gordon Johnston, programme executive and lunar blogger at NASA Headquarters in Washington, NASA said in a statement. "Make sure you have a clear line of sight to the horizon in the west, opposite from where the sun will rise".

"If you live in the Central time zone", the post states,"viewing will be better, since the action begins when the Moon is higher in the western sky".

For those who plan to watch it on their own, Headlands offered a handy timeline of the key events on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

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Have you noticed the moon to be very big, sometimes, especially near the horizon?

"Super moon is a full or new moon that occurs when the center of the moon is less than 360,000 kilometers from the center of the earth". This means that the Earth will come between the sun and moon, effectively blocking the sun's light from reaching the moon.

You are going to need a heavy jacket, though. For those living in the lower 48, the best viewing will take place in the west, so book a flight, set your Global Positioning System for a nice drive, or just long online, to see this lunar trifecta that will take place in just a few days. That comes from the rusty brown color we'll see during the lunar eclipse.

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A super moon, however, usually occurs before or after the occurrence of a blue moon or lunar eclipse. In this case, the Moon will appear 14 percent smaller than normal and 30 percent dimmer. Since 1 January was also a full moon, that will make the supermoon on 31 January 2018 both a blue moon and a supermoon. Totality begins at 6:51 a.m., when the moon will start to turn reddish-orange in the lower right side. Otherwise, your view of the sinking moon partly in Earth's darkest shadow (umbra) will be blocked. Earlier than that the penumbral eclipse is occurring, which is a fairly dim shadow and so the moon will still look bright.

The next total lunar eclipse visible in Edmonton will be on January 20, 2019.

Why is it called a blood moon? .

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If you're in North America and miss this lunar eclipse - or if you had a lot of bad weather - you'll have to wait nearly another year for the next one.

Super Blue Blood Moon coming Wednesday