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Alexa can now send text messages

01 February 2018

Alternately, you can tell Alexa to send a "text message" and it'll send out an SMS right away.

Android users can send SMS text messages by voice using Alexa, but Amazon does not now have plans to add support for iOS. Every text you send via Alexa will also appear in your phone's text app.

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Previous year the app introduced a new feature that lets users which it will then turn it into voice navigations, a route Amazon may possibly go down. However, by switching over to SMS, you can send texts to anyone in your contacts. If you are located in the U.S., you should be able to send SMS using Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Echo speakers. You will not be able to work with the new feature using an iOS-loaded smartphone.

Last year, Amazon introduced a feature that would allow Alexa users to make voice calls and message other Alexa users.

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There's no new Alexa app update needed to use the feature, provided you updated your Alexa app within the past month or so. However, the new feature is now available only in the United States and on Android smartphones.

What do you think about the ability of Alexa to deliver SMS? As of publication time, the company hasn't provided details about when global users might be able to send SMS messages or if Alexa will be able to read incoming messages.

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In 2016, Amazon announced the Echo Dot - a small, puck-like speaker with a voice assistant built in that could play music, answer simple questions, or do a range of other things through applications. All three should be available to USA customers in the long term. So, if you want to issue an SMS voice command to your Echo, you'll only have the option of sending it to those who have Android devices.

Alexa can now send text messages