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WOODY: In trading for Alex Smith, Redskins get a proven victor

01 February 2018

The deal, which sent Smith to Washington in exchange for a third round pick in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft as well as cornerback Kendall Fuller, means that Patrick Mahomes will now be the team's starting quarterback after sitting for a season behind Smith learning Andy Reid's complex offense.

The Washington Redskins gave up on quarterback Kirk Cousins - and did so at a steep price. The teams can't make the trade official under the new league year starts on March 14.

If they were to release him, Buffalo would save $9.44 million against the 2018 salary cap while incurring $8.64 million in dead money.

Mahomes got his first start, and first career win, in the 2017 season finale in Denver.

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Fuller did tweet after he had found out from the team that he's heading to Kansas City.

The deal clears both the path forward to Mahomes as the club's new franchise quarterback as well as valuable cap space off the books for Kansas City.

It's hard to make any case for the Bills to get into the bidding for Cousins, who is expected to cost about $25 million a year. If you think the number nine or ten spot in a quarterback-rich draft is too low to garner any genuine interest, remember that the Chiefs paid a hefty bounty a year ago to move up to a similar spot to select Mahomes.

Some time after midnight, someone must have finally called Fuller to give him the full details of the deal, because by 12:09 a.m. on Wednesday, he seemed to be accepting that he was definitely the "unidentified" player in the deal.

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Smith, 33 years old, unseats soon-to-be-former Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, who won't have to worry about a third franchise tag in as many seasons. And he had a top-10 scoring defense all five seasons as a Chiefs starter. Quarterbacks are the most sought-after players, and now that the Redskins will presumably no longer be drafting a quarterback to replace Cousins, some interesting hypotheticals are cropping up.

Fuller is what Washington needs: a good, young and low-priced starting-caliber defensive player.

This is big news for Broncos fans for several reasons, the most obvious being that it solidifies the widely held thought that Kirk Cousins will leave Washington this offseason. While Cousins has improved in that area, Smith is more adept.

The addition of one of these young quarterbacks would provide them stability if the veteran quarterback they acquire ahead of the draft doesn't work out. He finished the season with a career-high 104.7 quarterback ratings. In Williams, the Redskins see a quarterback who can get them over the top.

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Smith is "one of the best competitors and teammates I've ever been around", Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce posted on Twitter.

WOODY: In trading for Alex Smith, Redskins get a proven victor