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Trudeau to hold town hall in BC following Trans Mountain pipeline endorsement

02 February 2018

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley had threatened to take legal action against new spill restrictions in B.C. which is expected to further delay Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, media reports said.

"We know that getting our oil resources to new markets across the Pacific is absolutely essential.We need this pipeline and we're going to move forward with it responsibly like I committed to", Trudeau was reported to state.

Earlier this week, the B.C. government released a document regarding pipelines that included a proposal to restrict shipments of crude through them until a comprehensive study on contingency plans was completed. Trudeau approved the project in 2016.

The range and severity of options being proposed in retaliation to B.C.'s latest move should be a wake-up call for Trudeau. Pipelines are critical to Canada's energy development and economy. If their government is launching a trade war, it will have consequences for everyone.

She said $500 million annually for B.C. hangs in the balance.

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As ugly as the prospect is of denying B.C. oil from Alberta, it has wide support among Albertans, who feel that that day should come sooner rather than later for B.C. Some even talk of boycotts of B.C. wines and of B.C. holidays.

Trudeau told an Edmonton audience Thursday the pipeline will be built, and McMillan hopes he repeats that message Friday in B.C.

"Imagine some intermittent withholding of supply, what that would do to retail gas prices in the Lower Mainland, that are already $1.80 a litre", Kenney said in an interview.

The leader of Alberta's Opposition, Jason Kenney, made some suggestions on Wednesday about what he would do to penalize B.C., but Notley says his ideas would hurt Albertans.

"I think any sort of threats within the electricity space are without much leverage from our side, or at risk of serious backfire", Shaffer said.

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"B.C. isn't just taking a run at working people in Alberta and in B.C., they're taking a run at the authority of the federal government", she said in a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

"This is a landmark project for Canada that was allowed to proceed with 157 conditions, the approval of the NEB (National Energy Board) and three levels of government", Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) BC regional director Rieghardt van Enter said in a statement.

"This is an existential moment for Confederation", Gilborn said. Hundreds of thousands of jobs depend on good trading relationships.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried his hand at a game called pickle ball during a visit to a community centre in Edmonton Thursday.

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Trudeau to hold town hall in BC following Trans Mountain pipeline endorsement