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United States warns countries against aiding terrorists eyeing nuclear weapons

04 February 2018

"These developments, coupled with Russia's seizure of Crimea and nuclear threats against our allies, mark Moscow's decided return to Great Power competition".

The Defense Department unveiled a new policy Friday that calls for expanding USA nuclear capabilities, with an eye on countering Russia's growing nuclear power.

We said specifically massive controversial attack, chemical-biological attack, from a nuclear state might require us to respond with a nuclear weapon. The Trump nuclear doctrine breaks with Obama's in ending his push to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in US defense policy. It argues that potential US adversaries such as China, North Korea, and Russian Federation are rapidly improving their nuclear capabilities and gaining an edge over the United States.

Low-yield nuclear weapons could help the USA deter Russian Federation more, officials said.

In a statement following the release of the review, Donald Trump said: "The strategy develops capabilities aimed at making use of nuclear weapons less likely".

"The bellicose and anti-Russian nature of this document is obvious", Russia's Foreign Ministry said in a statement, adding that it was "deeply disappointed".

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"It's not an arms race in terms of numbers like during the Cold War, but is an arms race that involves more than just the United States and Russian Federation and it involves upgrading and improving the capability of existing nuclear forces", Mr Reif said.

Pavel Podvig, an arms control expert who runs a blog called Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces, told NPR that the weapon may not even exist-with the drawing shown on Russian television fakes created to broadcast the message that the U.S.' air defenses could not protect it.

Since the development of nuclear weapons, the US has never completely ruled out a first strike, but the NPR appeared to expand the circumstances in which a "first use" would be contemplated.

The Trump administration on Friday announced it will continue much of the Obama administration's nuclear weapons policy, but take a more aggressive stance toward Russian Federation.

Some arms control groups were not happy with the review's findings. She said the administration is blurring the line between nuclear and conventional war-fighting.

But just last month, the board's proposal became USA policy.

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On the campaign trail and as president, Donald Trump has vowed to build up the USA nuclear arsenal and has occasionally spoken flippantly about nuclear warfare.

My view is that the use of or the threatened use of nuclear weapons in these circumstances simply aren't credible.

One difference is a plan to modify a small amount of submarine-launched nuclear warheads with less powerful options.

The report said the USA would try and prevent terrorists from obtaining nuclear weapons or technology and respond to nuclear incidents by locating and disabling a nuclear device or managing the consequences of a nuclear detonation. He said the missile would be fielded "in the near term", but he refused to be more specific.

It calls for a "lower-yield" options for ballistic and cruise missiles launched at sea.

Moscow also said the move was "an attempt to put into question (Russia's) right to legitimate defence".

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United States warns countries against aiding terrorists eyeing nuclear weapons