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China accuses United States of 'Cold War mentality' over nuclear policy

05 February 2018

"China has adhered to the policy of no-first-use of nuclear weapons at any time and under any circumstances", he said, adding that under no circumstances will China use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear-weapon states or nuclear-weapon-free zones.

In a written statement, Trump on Friday said USA strategy is created to make use of nuclear weapons less likely.

Avoidance of "automaticity", a system where there is an automated retaliation in the form of a nuclear strike, and the need for new low-yield nuclear weapons are among the highlights of the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) of the U.S. government released over the weekend.

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Asking the USA to discard its "cold- war mentality" and take a fair view on China's military development, Beijing on Sunday criticised a Pentagon report that cast the Communist giant as "a major challenge" to America's interests in Asia.

The Pentagon document released on Friday, known as the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), argues that developing smaller nuclear weapons would challenge that assumption.

Low-yield weapons are smaller, less powerful bombs with a strength below 20 kilotonnes.

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China has urged the United States to drop its "Cold War mentality" and not misread China's military build-up, after Washington published a document last Friday outlining plans to expand its nuclear capabilities to deter others. The U.S. has named China, Russia, Iran and North Korea as potential threats. In his first state-of-the-union address on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump referred to China and Russian Federation as rivals that challenged US interests, its economy and values, and called for Congress to "fully fund our great military".

The Pentagon said last week that the planned tactical warhead for some ballistic missiles and the reintroduction of a nuclear-tipped cruise missile would help to deter a limited nuclear strike.

Defense Ministry spokesperson Ren Guoqiang said "we hope the USA will abandon a Cold War mentality and earnestly shoulder its special and prior responsibility for its own nuclear disarmament". Late previous year it denounced Washington's updated defence strategy and urged the United States to abandon "outdated notions".

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The 74-page report, which is the first review of U.S. nuclear policy since 2010, labels China "a major challenge to United States interests in Asia".

China accuses United States of 'Cold War mentality' over nuclear policy