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Ex-Patriot Brandon Browner calls out Bill Belichick over Malcolm Butler benching

06 February 2018

Butler not playing on the game's biggest stage likely means he's done in New England.

The New England Patriots came up just short of winning their second consecutive Super Bowl on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Belichick's past unorthodox moves like using wide receivers Julian Edelman and Troy Brown as defensive backs could always be justified as genius from a prescient mad scientist, but benching Butler was different.

Matchups are important, but it is hard to believe that Butler couldn't have helped the Patriots.

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Browner was a Patriot when Butler picked off Russell Wilson at the goal-line to seal Belichick's fifth Super Bowl title as the New England head coach.

"That dude done started every game for that team, you feel me, since he picked the [expletive] ball off", Browner said.

"I respect Malcolm's competitiveness, and I'm sure that he felt like he could have helped", Belichick said Monday. If Butler doesn't know what the football reasons were for his benching, that doesn't reflect well on him: Coaches aren't shy about telling players when they don't play well, and if Butler doesn't know what he did wrong on the field, that suggests that he doesn't pay attention to his coaches. "I don't know. That's how the game goes sometimes".

"A locker room was divided pre game", he added in another post and he also pointed out that the Eagles amassed "the most passing yards in Super Bowl history". The Patriots and Eagles had two of the best defenses in the league throughout the regular season and postseason. Others have speculated more outlandish theories, but so far the only explanation the team has given is that they felt benching Butler gave the team the best chance to win.

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"No, that wasn't the plan", Rowe said.

"I appreciate the question, but it would be a much longer discussion", Belichick said on a conference call Monday. "I guess I wasn't playing good". And after the game, he told ESPN, that he "could have changed that game".

Why was Malcolm Butler benched for Super Bowl 52? "He wants to be out there, so I'm not surprised he was emotional". Asked by Reiss what would come next for him, Butler replied, "I ain't Miss Cleo, so I can't tell the future".

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Ex-Patriot Brandon Browner calls out Bill Belichick over Malcolm Butler benching