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The Cloverfield Paradox Is Now Streaming on Netflix

06 February 2018

Dumped by Netflix in a high-profile but logistically poisoned post-Super Bowl time slot, it comes with a built-in excuse: If most viewers are snoring on the couch by the half-hour mark, maybe it's because they've spent several hours guzzling beer and eating chicken wings?

The film is expected to be one of Netflix fandom hits this year.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ava, David Oyelowo as Kiel, Daniel Brühl as Schmidt, John Ortiz as Monk Acosta, Chris O'Dowd as Mundy, and Zhang Ziyi as Tam in "The Cloverfield Paradox".

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"The Cloverfield Paradox starts out riffing on the early structure of movies like Alien and The Thing, with some cursory efforts to establish personalities and relationships for its half dozen or so characters".

The acquisition of The Cloverfield Paradox also threatens the United States studios in a strategic sense.

On the one hand, Netflix buys projects by creators who are marginalized by traditional Hollywood. We had previously mentioned rumors of the trailer and Netflix deal previously, but the news of it becoming available to night came as a major shock to fans of the expansive film universe. "It's too soon to say if "The Cloverfield Paradox" killed its franchise, but it's already clear that the "Cloverfield" brand - until yesterday a magic word capable of stirring excitement out of nothing - is now tainted beyond recognition". Sure enough, the planet seems to disappear once the power source goes online for a test, and creepy things begin to happen, both on the space station and on our planet. That sounds GREAT. Alas, it's quickly apparent why Paramount decided not to theatrically release The Cloverfield Paradox: Particularly in its opening scenes, it's an awkward, poorly edited, exposition-dumping mess.

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The Cloverfield Paradox will reportedly explain what exactly caused the insane monster attack that shook New York City in the original Cloverfield film.

At this point, we're a little ahead of the film in terms of where this is all going: The Cloverfield has transported itself into another dimension, displacing various elements of the ship and, apparently, crossing into a very different timeline altogether. When will the movie first be available for streaming?

Does it get any better? Trouble is, The Cloverfield Paradox didn't even have the decency to give us that luxury this time around. Other than that, Netflix is leaving us in the dark.

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Anyway, have you watched The Cloverfield Paradox yet?

The Cloverfield Paradox Is Now Streaming on Netflix