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Man arrested, charged with circulating child pornography on social media

07 February 2018

WBRL reports that Germaine Moore, 44, turned himself in to Millbrook police at around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, shortly after Central Alabama CrimeStoppers announced warrants against him on Monday. The little girl in the video was eventually identified, located, and placed in safe care.

Authorities asked people to stop sharing the video online. The girl in the video was identified and is now safe, the department said.

If you see the video in this case or any other video like it, police say you should notify the social media platform through which you saw it.

In Detroit, Moore is charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct, using a computer to commit a crime and distribution child sexually abusive material.

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The video, according to law enforcement officials, shows an adult male sexually abusing a young child.

Meanwhile, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office in MI announced Monday evening Moore is facing multiple charges in Detroit, including four counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Maryland State Police were also investigating the video.

State Bureau of Investigation Lt. Brooke Walker says Moore's fiancee was arrested Monday night and is not cooperating. Do not share it, as criminal charges may result.

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Sources say videos may have been circulating for a year or longer before Detroit Police were made aware.

Meanwhile, Montgomery police have arrested 42 year old Jerrell Washington for distributing the video. Authorities weren't initially sure where the video originated, but began investigating the assault as well as how and by whom the video was shared.

"We do not allow the sharing of child exploitative images on Facebook or Messenger - even to express outrage". He is being held at the Montgomery County Detention Facility, under a $100,000 bond.

Moore of Millbrook is facing 11 counts related to a criminal sexual conduct investigation involving a person under 13.

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Police said the child in the video possessed great similarities with the one who visited the St Clair Police Station with her mother last Thursday, with subtle differences.

Man arrested, charged with circulating child pornography on social media