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No tsunami on East Coast

07 February 2018

"We have been notified that some users received this TEST message as an actual tsunami warning", one Tweet from the NWS said.

A glitch meant some people received what looked like an actual warning, NWS meteorologist Hendricus Lulofs said.

The weather alert, however, turned out to be an error, and East Coast residents will not actually face sky-high waves that would likely decimate many of their cities. A tsunami warning is not in effect.

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But this was only a test of the system, AccuWeather tweeted out after the initial warning. People in NY also reportedly received the warning, as did people in Maine. The US National Weather Service and the Federal Communications Commission said they were investigating the false alarm.

"The weather service - they're the ones that issue the warning - and when they do that, it sends it to our system", said Tom Kines.

However, some screenshots showed an alert from the AccuWeather app that did not include the word "test".

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The alerts came after the state of Hawaii mistakenly warned residents of the islands of an inbound missile last month, sparking panic. We're now looking into why the test message was distributed by at least one private sector company, and will provide more information as soon as we have it.

Including, apparently, AccuWeather, the weather forecasting company that sent out individual alerts to localities, including Palm Beach County.

Kines did not know how far the erroneous alert traveled, but social media users as far as Florida and Texas reported receiving it as well.

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There were reports of alerts having been sent to other places as well.

No tsunami on East Coast