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Eye Rolls, Guffaws, Shock Greet Trumps's call for Military Parade

08 February 2018

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) called the idea a "fantastic waste of money" during an interview with MSNBC on Wednesday morning.

Trump has frequently touted his support for the USA military and placed high-ranking generals in top White House and cabinet posts. "I don't think we need to do it by a parade", Cardin said of showing appreciation to troops. He also suggested the president could visit Fort Bragg, where Reed served when he was in the Army.

The Washington Post first reported that Trump was inspired by France's Bastille Day celebration when he was a guest of French President Emmanuel Macron past year to watch their military parade.

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During a 18 January meeting between the President and top generals at the Pentagon, Mr Trump said we wanted a large-scale military that would roll through the streets of Washington - a demand that was interpreted as a presidential directive, according to the Washington Post. Military planners are looking at dates and locations for the parade, as well as costs, logistics and whether it is feasible to hold a parade displaying large weaponry such as tanks on Pennsylvania Avenue, a defense official told CNN.

He said America often chooses to show off their military with parades of soldiers rather than machines, like the 1991 march through Washington commemorating The First Gulf War.

At a September 18, 2017, NY meeting with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Trump showed his hand.

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But there is no such annual parade in the United States, which is militarily the most powerful country of the world. "An ideology. And to say we're going to strut our stuff with tanks and rocket launchers and things like that, is just not a good representation of what the military does in a democratic nation".

While a parade similar to Trump's vision has been uncommon in recent years, the USA previously held a national military parade in 1991 to celebrate winning the Gulf War. Since then, he has repeatedly wondered why the US does not regularly have a similar display; the last one was in 1991, after the first Gulf War. While the details of the location are still being sussed out, Trump is pushing for the same route as his inaugural parade which, if you've forgotten, wound up being a giant commercial for the Washington, DC, Trump Hotel.

President Donald Trump is pushing for a grand military parade, which is confirmed to be in the early stages of planning. Sadly, the Giant Tank Parade is cancelled (sic).

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A Senate-drafted bipartisan deal to provide two years of increased military spending - if approved today - would help Mattis solve those critical military needs.

Eye Rolls, Guffaws, Shock Greet Trumps's call for Military Parade