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Explosion hits mosque in Libyan city of Benghazi

10 February 2018

Turkey on Friday condemned the bomb attack at a mosque that claimed at least one life and injured dozens others in Libya's northeastern city of Benghazi.

It has since imposed strict military control on the city and other parts of eastern Libya under its control.

The city of Benghazi, controlled by terrorist groups until 2017, has been witnessing an escalation of bombings, particularly on mosques. He also said that the two bombs were planted in separate rooms at the site of the mosque.

According to a medic at the government-run Al-Jalaa Hospital, the hospital has so far received at least one dead body and 77 injured persons.

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No group has claimed responsibility for the attack as at the time of filing this report.

In January, a twin auto bombing near a mosque in Benghazi's Salmani neighborhood killed at least 33 people.

Haftar began his military campaign in response to continuous bombings and assassinations by on Islamist militants in Benghazi in May 2014.

"Direct or indiscriminate attacks against civilians are prohibited under worldwide humanitarian law and constitute war crimes", the mission added, calling for "prompt, impartial investigations to bring perpetrators to justice".

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Haftar does not recognize the UN-backed government based in the western capital Tripoli.

The blasts took place during Friday prayers, residents said.

Libya descended into chaos after the 2011 uprising that toppled and killed ruler Moamar Gaddafi.

On September 11, 2012, suspected jihadists linked to Al-Qaeda attacked the USA consulate in Benghazi, killing ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

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Explosion hits mosque in Libyan city of Benghazi