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Apple's iOS 12 strategy could see the end of buggy features

15 February 2018

In addition to prioritizing quality over quantity, so insiders say, the engineers will also have greater flexibility to push back the release of features that still need time to flawless. After launching a series of updates that have contained bugs and undeveloped features, Apple's faced criticism from its users and developers. It's no wonder that iPhone and iPad owners aren't updating their software as quickly as they used to - just 65 percent of iOS users have updated to iOS 11, according to Apple's developer website.

Apple will reveal its next major platform update for mobile devices, iOS 12, in the summer this year before eventually releasing it in the fall.

For years, Apple has stuck to a strict schedule of annual iOS releases that sport a sometimes dizzying array of new capabilities.

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What do you think about Apple's decision to get back to perfecting their iOS software? "It's the result of having thousands of people working on the same schedule".

The first release of the new development strategy is highly expected to arrive in the fall of this year.

Apple has addressed numerous complaints with patches and small updates, but it's a far cry from the "It Just Works" mantra that originally held. iOS 12 will be the company's first push to reclaim that, it's reported. Bloomberg's report suggests Apple teams will now have similar flexibility, although it's unclear if app updates will be separated from iOS.

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Apple's popular Animojis will get new characters and a more easily navigated menu. Apple plans to integrate into FaceTime, letting people put virtual faces over themselves in video calls. Animoji is also coming to the iPad, the report claims, with Apple set to release a new version of the tablet that packs a built-in Face ID camera.

Also in the works for this year: a redesigned version of Apple's stock-tracking app and updated version of Do Not Disturb that will give users more options to automatically reject phone calls or silence notifications. Additional iPad software upgrades aren't expected until 2019 but they include a feature that would let you run several windows in one app and click between them like tabs in a web browser and a feature that lets two screens from one app run side by side. Apple is also working to integrate Siri into the iPhone search view, redesigning the interface to import photos onto an iPad, and making it possible for several people at once to play augmented reality games. New features for the Apple Pencil and a toggle in the email app to mute notifications for a thread have been pushed back. With that said, it can be seen that the main focus is on quality and time. "But with its newfound size it has seemingly been unable to find the right balance". On the other hand, sticking to what Troughton-Smith calls a "ruthlessly ambitious" upgrade cycle risks rushing out features before they're ready and undermining Apple's vaunted reputation for quality.

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Apple's iOS 12 strategy could see the end of buggy features