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Apple HomePods reportedly leaving white ring stains on wooden surface

16 February 2018

That would be much less than the reported profit Google and Amazon make from their own smart speakers, Home and Echo, which respectively generate an estimated 66% and 56%.

What wasn't expected in the review as Pocket-lint's discovery of a problem that Apple should have warned customers buying it right out of the gate or clearly in the manual.

Another post on Pocket-Lint said the mark appeared after just 20 minutes of the HomePod sitting on a oak kitchen countertop.

If you just picked up Apple's flashy new HomePod speaker you might be thinking of displaying it proudly on the nicest piece of furniture you have, but before you do there's something you should know.

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Apple has since updated its HomePod support page to reflect the issue, saying that the mark may be caused by oils diffusing between the device's silicone base and the table surface. This is the second time, the HomePod is under news for all the wrong reasons. The smart speaker has some shortcomings, and the fact that it may damage wooden furniture is the latest to be added to that list.

Apple seems to have taken note, now including on its website details on where to place the smart speaker.

We subsequently tested the HomePod on other materials: "the same wood that hadn't been treated with Danish oil and a regular lacquered desk and haven't seen the same issues".

There have been multiple reports that if the Apple HomePod is placed on top of a wooden object, the smart speaker may leave white rings on the surface.

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"If not, wiping the surface gently with a soft damp or dry cloth may remove the marks", it continues. Apple suggests using the oiling/waxing method recommended by the manufacturer of the furniture to get rid of the white stains.

The tech site says that one of the device's major rivals, the Sonos One, doesn't leave marks on polished wood, even after "months of use".

And Pogue's test isn't the only one that has placed Google Home Max and the SONOS One above the Apple HomePod. But the verdict on the rest of the HomePod's features hasn't been quite so enthusiastically good, and now a new problem with the design has emerged.

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Apple HomePods reportedly leaving white ring stains on wooden surface