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IOS 11 tips and tricks for business professionals (free PDF)

17 February 2018

Mobile World said its tests showed the bug affected devices running iOS, macOS and watchOS, and crashed applications that included WhatsApp, Twitter, Note, and Safari, among others.

The bug, the origin of which is still unknown, was discovered earlier this week and involves sending the character in Telugu to devices that crashes an iPhone and makes apps like Messages, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp inaccessible. The only way to regain access is by waiting for another message to appear, so you can open that one instead and try to delete the thread that contains the infected character. The bug goes beyond Apple's native messaging app and also affects popular third-party apps.

A new iOS bug which is a symbol in the Indian language known as Telugu, is potential to crash your iPhone.

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'In this case, the entire Springboard will be blocked. If a notification containing the letter pops up, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and TVs can become trapped in a bootloop, restarting continually without ever actually booting up.

Telegu is spoken by more than 70 million people in India. Apple's next major software update, iOS 12, is expected to come out this fall. A symbol in the Indian language known as Telugu can wreak havoc over the software.

The Verge says there is a do-it-yourself fix that sometimes works.

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If you are working to develop an iOS app this year then its then it's good to be here. Of course, this notch is appearing on more Android smartphones now despite the initial backlash, and Apple isn't dropping it any time soon, telling developers that they must offer native iPhone X support with new apps. This happens because iOS 11 struggles to render the character whenever it's used in a text field.

Responding to iMore, Apple has said that a bug fix is coming in a minor update that will be rolled out ahead of iOS 11.3.

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IOS 11 tips and tricks for business professionals (free PDF)