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Wolf Administration offering free flu vaccine clinics

17 February 2018

The CDC said the flu vaccine is usually more effective against type B viruses and H1N1 than it is against H3N2.

Most illnesses this winter have been caused by a nasty kind of flu called Type A H3N2. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Flu A is predominate this flu season.

According to the report, the CDC will continue to investigate the vaccine's effectiveness throughout the rest of the season.

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Flu remained widespread in every state except OR and Hawaii, the same as the week before. "We're offering free flu shots because confirmed cases of the virus continue to be a significant health threat throughout Pennsylvania". All pharmacies except two had flu vaccine.

Ultimately, scientists say the only real solution is a "universal" influenza vaccine that would not only protect against seasonal flu but also guard against a future pandemic.

"The vaccines that we have today are not the ones that we'd like to have in 10 years", she said. More potent yearly vaccines could make it through the pipeline sooner, he said. Flu vaccination is the best way to prevent flu illness and serious flu complications, including those that can result in hospitalization. Marshfield is one of five USA sites measuring flu vaccine effectiveness. That is above the number for the entire season - 65 - in 2015-16, but below season totals for all other years since the 2012-13 season when 200 people died after flu-like illnesses. She was not involved in the CDC research. Flu strains mutate every year. This is believed to work a little bit better in that age group. During each of those seasons, flu accounted for around 710,000 hospitalizations and 56,000 deaths. It is the highest level of influenza-like illness recorded since 2009. In addition, those aged about 50 to 69 are becoming infected and dying at higher rates than usual.

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This year's flu had killed 63 children by February 3, the CDC said. Of those patients hospitalized with an A strain infection, almost 86 percent were caused by the H3N2 strain.

Pneumonia and flu-related deaths rose sharply in the first weeks of 2018, accounting for 10 percent of all deaths during the week ending January 20.

The 6-year-old Haverhill elementary school girl who was the first child to die from the flu in the Bay State this year was a "tomboy in a princess dress with a vivid imagination", her mourning family recalled in the obituary honoring her all-too-short life.

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"The strains that are circulating are the strains we predicted".

Wolf Administration offering free flu vaccine clinics