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Download Android P Launcher - Brings Focus Back to the Dock!

09 March 2018

But even at this early stage, Google is revealing some of the key features of the Android P, particularly the features that are big and can be called system-level changes. Google says app developers who want to test the Android P preview for their apps can now do so on Pixel devices. This new design distributes the important status bar bits more evenly across the top of the phone, leaving more room for a screen cutout. For the average user, it's best to stay away from Android P in its current form and wait for Google to reopen its Android Beta program later this year. That means that if Google is planning a fifth developer preview for late July, we could see the final Android P release sometime in August or September.

Google has confirmed that the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones, as well as the Pixel C tablet, will not have access to the Android P update.

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There will also be multi-camera support.

Google has announced that its advanced visual search engine software that allows smartphone cameras to read text and recognize objects and landmarks, named Google Lens, is coming to all Android smartphones utilizing the Google Photos app. For example, with the Pixel 2, Google upgraded its update policy to three years for major OS updates and monthly security updates. Before then, we'll get five developer previews. "A new window layout attribute, layoutInDisplayCutoutMode, lets you tell the system how and when lay out your content relative to the cutout area".

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For improved performance, Google has added small changes that control power efficiency in Android, including Doze, Standby and Background Limits. This initial release is for developers only and not intended for daily or consumer use, so we're making it available by manual download and flash only. If you're looking to grab the first build of the Android P dev preview you can do so by hitting the button below.

To get things in sync with these mobile devices, Android Things has received a new a BluetoothConnectionManager API that enables applications to take control of the pairing and connection process.

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Download Android P Launcher - Brings Focus Back to the Dock!