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US Holocaust Museum Revokes Prestigious Elie Wiesel Award to Suu Kyi

09 March 2018

"The government of Myanmar is busy telling the world that it is ready to receive Rohingya returnees, while at the same time its forces are continuing to drive them into Bangladesh, ' Gilmour said".

In their letter informing Suu Kyi of the withdrawal of the award, museum officials said they hoped she "would have done something to condemn and stop the military's brutal campaign and to express solidarity with the targeted Rohingya population". And second, more ominously, it could very well be that the remaining Rohingyas could eventually be pushed out of that country and into Bangladesh.

Since security forces renewed what they call "clearance operations" last August, more than 671,000 Rohingya, majority children, have fled Myanmar for neighboring Bangladesh with little more than accounts of the atrocities they witnessed.

In response to the museum's action, a spokesman for Suu Kyi said the decision appeared to be based on "the wrong information" and that it made the Myanmar government "very disappointed and sad".

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The Burmese military, allied with armed Buddhist civilians, has killed thousands of Rohingya in the western state of Rakhine since last August.

The Myanmar military's campaign to methodically burn Rohingya villages, seen here from Bangladesh in September, has prompted accusations of ethnic cleansing.

(MENAFN - Daily News Egypt) €œThe ethnic cleansing of Rohingya in Myanmar continues, € UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Andrew Gilmour said on Tuesday after speaking to newly-arrived Rohingya in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

It has justified the crackdown as an effort to root out Rohingya militants who attacked border police posts in August, killing about a dozen people.

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"The military's orchestration of the crimes against Rohingya and the severity of the atrocities in recent months demand that you use your moral authority to address this situation", the museum's letter said.

The Reuters journalists Wa Lone, 31, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 27, investigating the deaths of 10 Rohingya men and their burial in a mass grave, were arrested and face 14 years in prison. Myanmar has denied citizenship to Rohingya since 1982 and excludes them from the 135 ethnic groups it officially recognizes, which effectively renders them stateless.

Suu Kyi does not oversee her country's military or its security operations that set off the exodus of Rohingya refugees, but three former fellow Nobel Peace laureates last month accused her and the army of committing genocide in northern Rakhine state. "Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented".

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US Holocaust Museum Revokes Prestigious Elie Wiesel Award to Suu Kyi