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Charlize Theron's mom is her weed supplier

10 March 2018

The effects of marijuana prohibition are far, far more detrimental to society than the effects of the pot itself, and I'm glad that we have celebrities like Charlize Theron talking about the beneficial qualities weed can have like Theron has been doing.

(Addition in headline) Los Angeles, Mar 8 (PTI) Actor David Oyelowo has said he was surprised to find out that his "Gringo" co-star Charlize Theron swears like a sailor.

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The star of the new movie "Gringo", opened up to Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night and revealed that she and her mother Gerda have used the drug to help with their unconventional sleeping patterns.

For Christmas, my mom got me a nice bathrobe and a book, and for my birthday she got me a Hallmark card with a very wonderful message in it that made me cry a little bit.

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During an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', Charlize said: "I'm always wiling to try anything". And the actress shared that they really helped to fix her sleeping pattern. One day when youre an adult, youll get to speak like this. "I have this image of her in the store - like, she's just not this kind of person and buying marijuana ... and she was like, 'And they tried to give me all sorts of lollipops!' She had like, a full experience". "Ive definitely stubbed my toe and said s-t or something like that and my kids are like, Mom!" she said. "I assumed because she was in a tennis outfit she had scored with one young tennis friend".

If it weren't for the possible blowback on them, even less concern would be shown by his two corporate superiors in the United States, played in a deadly duet of smirks, eye-rolls and might-as-well office quickies by Joel Edgerton (in a none-too-novel role) and Charlize Theron.

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The self-proclaimed 8-year veteran smoker admitted she took a long break after getting an extreme case of the munchies a while back.

Charlize Theron's mom is her weed supplier