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'Feminist strike': International Women's Day sees transport & work chaos in Spain

10 March 2018

Two women were fired for supporting the 24-hour strike among their coworkers in Telemark.

Marches and demonstrations are planned for Thursday evening in over 120 Spanish towns and cities, with the most largest ones to be held in Madrid and Barcelona.

In Spain, women have launched the first nationwide women's strike in Spain's history to mark International Women's Day.

Among the enthusiastic protesters was Noemi Sanchez, an engineer who works at a security company in Madrid and who chose to join the strike.

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"Like all workers in the world, a strike is the way for us to defend our rights and so we chose to use it".

Another government initiative would fine companies with more than 50 employees if there is an "unjustified" gender wage gap.

CCOO and UGT, two of the main workers' unions in Spain have called for morning and afternoon 2-hour work stoppages.

In Seoul, women's groups used the day to boost support for the American-born "Me Too" movement against sexual assault in the workplace.

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A series of feminist messages have been projected on to the Houses of ParliamentNicky J Sims/Getty ImagesHundreds of women in pink and purple shirts marched against President Duterte in Manila, accusing him of being one of the worst violators of women's rights in Asia. While the bishop of San Sebastián, José Ignacio Munilla, said Christianity was opposed to radical feminism because it has lost sight of "the true feminine cause" and made victims of women.

In Milan, thousands of students marched to protest Italian doctors' refusal to perform abortions, according to The New York Times. Former Irish President Mary McAleese, an outspoken advocate for women's ordination and LGBTQ rights, accused the church's all-male leadership of refusing to change their entrenched second-class status.

During Taliban rule many would have been afraid to leave their homes, but hundreds of women gathered in the Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday to commemorate International Women's Day - and to remind their leaders that plenty of work remains to be done to give Afghan woman a voice, ensure their education and protect them from increasing violence. She said she was demonstrating "so when I am older, everyone is the same".

In Uganda, where domestic violence is common and often goes unreported, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni urged men to stop abusing their wives.

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The survey, conducted among more than 4,500 senior executives across 35 countries showed that 46.58 percent of Filipino women in business hold senior management roles.

'Feminist strike': International Women's Day sees transport & work chaos in Spain