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New Mexico's jobless rate fell to 5.9 percent in January

14 March 2018

That's the lowest the unemployment rate has been in January since the year 2000, according to historical data maintained by the INDWD. "We look forward to seeing the many more opportunities that will be created throughout the year as more job creators choose to grow in Florida". The department says the state's rate of unemployment has been below 4 percent for 26 consecutive months, which is the longest stretch since the current methodology was put in place in 1976.

Self-employed people, like proprietors or independent contractors, are not accounted for in unemployment figures, however. During all of 2017, weekly earnings averaged a 3.6 percent increase over the prior year, compared to a 1.9 percent increase in 2016.

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January is starting the year on a slightly cloudier note: unemployment ticked up a substantial 0.6 point, and the number of unemployed people in the county increased by 273, to 2,128. Private sectors saw little overall movement this month, while government gained more than seasonally expected in education and posted a gain of 1,300 jobs overall in January.

All Wiregrass counties have jobless rates that are at least 1.4 percent below what they were at this time past year. Indiana's total labor force is 3.3 million. Since December 2010, Florida businesses have created almost 1.5 million jobs, which includes more than 144,000 in the previous year.

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The information industry lost 1,800 jobs while retail trade shed 1,600 jobs. Under that measure, which includes the under-employed or those who have dropped out of the labor force (and who are therefore not counted in Florida's official unemployment figure) the unemployment and underemployment figure for Florida is now 9.1 percent, substantially higher than the national average of 8.5 percent. Those numbers are based on the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics' monthly household survey.

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New Mexico's jobless rate fell to 5.9 percent in January