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Startup Company To Build 3D Print Homes For $10000

14 March 2018

The team are looking for $600,000 for the next phase of research and development and also $400,000 of funding for 100 printed homes. It is hoped that in terms of housing, the cheap construction could start a trend for affordable housing. And ICON hopes that eventually, it can bring the cost of homes down to $4,000.

New Story teamed with Texas-based ICON Technologies, to build a 3D printer specifically for the objective of constructing houses in developing countries.

The presentation at SXSW comes after a report from the World Resources Institute estimated that 1.2 billion people live in cities without affordable or secure housing. New Story has already built homes in Haiti, El Salvador and Bolivia, according to Fast Company.

'Icon aims to change this, ushering in a new era in construction to meet the needs of the future'.

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ICON has partnered with a nonprofit housing foundation New Story to take its technology to the developing world.

The company's Vulcan printer is used to create the properties, which can be built as large as 800 sq ft (75 sq ft) - around twice as large as the average "tiny house" and comparable to one-bedroom apartment sizes in cities like NY and London. It will then place that schematic into a computer that tells its massive printer how and where to place the cement.

The model unveiled at SXSW has a living room, bathroom, bedroom, and a curved porch. However, by working alongside ICON, they now have access to the impressive Vulcan 3D printer. Staff plan to use it as an office, where they will tweak the design based on their experience of spending long periods of time in the space. ICON wants to address the housing deficiency with the help of the low-priced 3D printing technique.

The process is created to minimise labour costs and waste materials.

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After construction, the charity will follow up with the community, using what they call "impact data", which measures the impact of a home on education, well-being, income and community building.

Speaking to The Verge, one of the company's three founders, Jason Ballard, said competition is stiff in the emerging market of 3D printed homes.

'For this venture to succeed, they have to be the best houses. Although 3-D printing has been used in building fabrication before, printing on-site using a universally available building material is a new step.

"I think if we were printing in plastic we would encounter some issues", he said.

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Startup Company To Build 3D Print Homes For $10000