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Collier and Lee Counties Among Healthiest in Florida

15 March 2018

Livingston County ranked 54th. "Do you live in affordable housing in a safe neighborhood?"

The five healthiest counties in Virginia, starting with most healthy, are Loudoun County, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Falls Church City and Poquoson City.

"We need to do more to address the true underlying drivers of health, if we want to see improvements and decrease health care costs", said Elizabeth Tilson, North Carolina's health director and chief medical officer.

For the 2018 Rankings, Broome County improved its Length of Life ranking to 52 out of 62 counties.

You can see how your county ranks by going here.

Cambria County's annual unemployment rate of 6.9 percent and its 23 percent of children living in poverty were among the economic factors that led to poor health, the report says.

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The county's teen birth rate declined from 36 per 1,000 females ages 15 to 19 reported a year ago to 30 per 1,000, which also is the state rate.

In health factors, a measure of health behaviors and social factors, the county fell three spots from 62nd to 65th.

Karen Matthews, president and CEO of Delta Health Alliance, said her organization is aware of the issues the report highlights in the Delta.

Everything from a long commute and local food options to the number of physicians on call and people in poverty affects a community's overall health. Flagler County's ranking held steady at 14th.

Census data supports the correlation: The median income in Rankin is $59,370, while in Holmes it's $20,800, the lowest in the state.

"The Rankings allow us to tell the story about our strengths and opportunities for improvement as a state".

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When it comes to health factors, Forsyth was ranked 43rd. "Quick solutions to the complexities of public health don't always fit desired solutions", he said.

People who live in counties ranked among the least healthiest are almost three times more likely to die prematurely than those in the healthiest counties.

When looking at those factors, out of the state's 83 counties, Ingham County is considered the 31st healthiest county in the state.

Sevcik said the group has worked with community partners to promote bike and walk viability in the region.

New health data released today reinforces an all too familiar narrative of the counties in Mississippi: Those in the Delta struggle, while the affluent communities remain on top.

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Collier and Lee Counties Among Healthiest in Florida