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Nintendo Switch Nindies Spring Showcase 2018 trailers and release dates

21 March 2018

Catch the full video here, or scroll down for the headlines. One of the clear highlights was The Messenger, an upcoming Ninja Gaiden-influenced 2D platformer with a twist: players can switch between an 8-bit world and a 16-bit world, both of which looked absolutely stunning.

Fantasy Strike (summer): an arcade-style fighting game previously on Steam. It's got single Joy-Con support for multiplayer and will be out this summer.

Just Shapes and Beats is a "musical bullet hell" game that you navigate around deadly shapes to the beats of a soundtrack made by 20 chiptune artists.

Garage is a top-down shooter inspired by 80s and 90s zombie B-movies.

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Not content with its action-packed Nintendo Direct live stream earlier this month, Nintendo returned with a showcase of indie games on Tuesday, revealing 14 new games that are headed to the Switch.

The other option is a muddled line of "New" models as we saw with the Nintendo DS but that's a level of complication the Switch really doesn't need. Again, first on Switch in 2018.

Bomb Chicken (summer): a platformer puzzler involving bombs. and chickens. The Messenger launches on Switch this summer.

Puzzle game Lumines Remastered will be available this spring. Reigns: Kings and Queens will be released this Spring. It will feature local co-op and it's out in spring.

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You will have to master your surroundings by manipulating the Shadow Core, a magical box that can be used to propel you into the air. There will be a speedrun mode where players can compete against their friends to complete levels in the fastest time. Fantasy Strike will launch on Nintendo Switch this summer.

A slapstick stick figure open world RPG adventure in the Wild West, there's a lot going on in West of Loathing. The game will feature a mix of upgrades, abilities and speedrunning opportunities when it launches this summer.

Pode - Adorable co-op exploration puzzler, releasing in the spring. Do you think the two concepts can go together well?

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Nintendo Switch Nindies Spring Showcase 2018 trailers and release dates