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Apple to fix bug that allows Siri to read hidden notifications

24 March 2018

Some iPhone users have had quite a shock lately, as a bug has been causing the device's voice assistant, Siri, to read out hidden lock screen notifications to nearly anyone that asks.

According to Brazilian site Mac Magazine (via 9to5Mac), there's a privacy bug in iOS 11 related to Siri, which lets the voice assistant read out private notifications on your lockscreen.

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The one exception is Apple's own Messages app, where Siri will read them only if the phone is unlocked.

The bug, which affects the current iOS 11.2.6 version as well as the iOS 11.3 beta, negates the choice many Apple users make to hide the contents of notifications from their home screen. But for other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype, Siri will happily disclose the content of the messages to anyone who picks up the locked phone.

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Apple Insider has shared some workaround to prevent Siri from reading out hidden notifications on the lock screen. The temporary solution revolves around disabling your notifications on the lock screen, so anyone with unauthorized access to your iOS device can access it. The good news is that Apple is aware of the issue and that a fix is on the way.

If you want to lock your phone down until Apple implements a patch, there is a way to avoid any nosey people from getting on your phone.

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The bug could essentially allow anyone to go through your hidden messages without you even unlocking the device. There is a toggle there that reads "Allow Siri When Locked". While iOS 11.3 is said to arrive sometime in the coming weeks, the company will probably fix the issue sooner in a minor supplementary update.

Apple to fix bug that allows Siri to read hidden notifications