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Gun control rally goes silent for victims

27 March 2018

More than a million Americans flooded the streets of cities nationwide for emotional protests demanding tighter gun control on Sunday, in a march spearheaded by teenagers from a Florida high school where 17 people were shot dead last month.

In some of the biggest USA youth demonstrations for decades, protesters called on lawmakers and President Donald Trump to confront the issue.

There were also many legitimate weapons of war protecting the marchers.

"What we've seen is that there are certain things such as having - enforcing the regulation that's now in law", Kashuv said.

We had seen it all before. Not all are from crimes, but their latest map says most of the guns recovered in DC in 2016, came from Maryland and Virginia. Every major movie star, singer or student leaving the rally rushed to the protective bubble of well armed security as they traveled from the gated backstage area to idling limousines and private cars. "Get out there and vote". Deputy Blaine Gaskill, a county SWAT team member, was hailed as a hero for immediately responding to the shooting.

"I'm really exhausted of being afraid at school", said Maya McEntyre, a 15-year-old high school freshman from Northville, Michigan, who joined a march by thousands in Detroit.

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"[Gaskill] did his job".

"I think when people see numbers, when people show up, I think that counts", Knapp said. "Never again." "Not one more". "But I differ with them on what policy needs to be made".

"From where I'm standing, it looks like a march to burn the Constitution and rewrite the parts that they don't like in crayon", the ssaid.

Hours before the march was held in their home city, a group of 42 Hackensack High School students were boarding a chartered bus bound for Washington DC.

So the students are to blame for gun deaths because they didn't know CPR or how to stop someone with a gun. We're going to make this a voting issue.

Chanting "Vote them out!" and bearing signs reading "We Are the Change", "No More Silence" and "Keep NRA Money Out of Politics", hundreds of thousands of protesters packed Pennsylvania Avenue between the Capitol and the White House.

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"We walked out for 18 minutes, adding a minute to honor Courtlin Arrington, an African-American girl who was the victim of gun violence in her school in Alabama, after the Parkland shooting", the elementary student said in her speech. But when it comes to violence in inner cities, we remain silent. It takes two seconds and it matters. My father was a reserve police officer. "We don't need teachers carrying guns now".

Most of the media's articles and videos on the rally ignored the influence of pro-gun-control advocacy groups such as the Brady Campaign and liberal groups Planned Parenthood and the Women's March. "They are fear-mongers. They want to sell weapons by exploiting people's fears".

"One of my best friends was killed in gun violence right around here, so it's important to me", the music legend told CNN, while wearing a shirt that said, "We Can End Gun Violence".

Although Kashuv heaped a good chunk of the blame for the Parkland shooting on systemic governmental failures, Kasky did not.

"What causes all these shootings?" "Things like this get sparked in a moment, but then they start to die out as days go by", he said.

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Gun control rally goes silent for victims