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City Pols Blast Trump Administration Decision to Add Citizenship Question to Census

01 April 2018

The Census Bureau announced last week that the citizenship question will be included in the next census, though Congress still can - and should - nix the idea.

The 10-year census is "relied on for a myriad of important government decisions, including apportionment of congressional seats among states, enforcement of voting rights laws, and allocation of federal funds", Ross said in a memo.

Census researchers have said immigrants they interviewed spontaneously raised topics like the travel ban and the dissolution of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program that has protected from deportation young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. "Politicizing this tool will have severe consequences for immigrant communities in our country".

At issue is greater scrutiny of racial and ethnic gerrymandering and whether the drawing of legislative districts is putting certain people under a greater burden to get to the polls.

Right now, 12 states are set to sue the Trump administration over the asking of this question. It would only help Republicans hang on to their majorities in Congress, as well as the White House and the Supreme Court.

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Gonzalez says she'd like the Commission on Hispanic Affairs to host a roundtable discussion with other community leaders about the census question.

Prince George's County, the NAACP's Prince George's County branch and two county residents (branch President Bob Ross and Elizabeth Johnson), also joined the suit.

On Thursday, a group of 21 Democratic Minnesota state representatives signed a letter thanking state Attorney General Lori Swanson for joining in California's lawsuit.

"Asking about citizenship on the 2020 Census will only suppress participation and hurt states like NY".

However, Ross said the commerce department was unable to determine how the citizen question would affect responsiveness.

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A 2017 Pew Research Center study found that Denver, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, D.C. and four California cities all have 100,000 to 400,000 illegal immigrant residents. One of the most damaging is population loss.

Meanwhile, the bureau is releasing a feature called "America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers", which provides some interesting information about our nation. But there is no evidence that a citizenship question would dramatically impact census participation. This comes just as many Puerto Ricans have left the island for the mainland after a shamefully lacking response by the Trump administration to deal with the prolonged, post-Hurricane Maria blackouts that continue there.

We write to request that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee schedule an oversight hearing on planning and operations around the 2020 Decennial Census (2020 Census) at the soonest possible time. Distribution of federal money is sometimes based on population, so areas with higher proportions of undocumented immigrants could lose out.

The lawsuit, led by New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, charges that by including the question about citizenship, the Trump administration violates the 14th Amendment and the Enumeration Clause of the U.S. Constitution. "The immigrant is not going to trust the census employee when they are continuously hearing a contradicting message from the media every day threatening to deport immigrants", one Arabic-speaking respondent told the bureau. "I don't see any actions that are counter to this objective as useful, nor something I would support".

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City Pols Blast Trump Administration Decision to Add Citizenship Question to Census