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Russian MoD: Drop Test of Newest Heavy ICMB Successfully Conducted

01 April 2018

Russia's defense ministry tweeted video of the launch and said Sarmat will "replace the Soviet-era #Voevoda".

The footage, published on Twitter this morning, shows the Sarmat missile - codenamed "Satan 2" by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - being launched from the Plesetsk spaceport.

The Voevoda missile, the world's heaviest ICBM, is known as "Satan" in the West, The Associated Press reported Friday. The RS-28 Sarmat is a super heavy, liquid-fueled ICBM capable of carrying multiple, independently targetable thermonuclear warheads and has been said capable of evading state-of-the-art defenses and destroying an area the size of Texas.

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The missile was one of several advanced Russian weapons President Vladimir Putin promoted in his state-of-the-nation address in early March.

The Sarmat system is "powerful and modern and defense systems will not be able to withstand it", Putin said earlier in March.

Russia's military said this was the second time it has successfully test-launched a Sarmat.

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Russian Federation has conducted a second drop test of its latest heavy intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the Defence Ministry said on Friday. Amid this chaos, Trump still congratulated Putin on his election win. The Defence Ministry said the launch from Plesetsk in northwestern Russian Federation tested the Sarmat missile's performance in the initial stage of its flight.

Dozens of Russian diplomats were expelled this week from consulates in the USA and Britain, followed closely by the reciprocal closure of a US consulate in St. Petersberg.

Russian Federation denies it was involved in the attack but US President Donald Trump has agreed with European leaders that Russian Federation most likely coordinated the poisoning.

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Russian MoD: Drop Test of Newest Heavy ICMB Successfully Conducted