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'Clearly stupid': Florida school shooting survivors forced to carry clear backpacks

04 April 2018

A Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student said the increased security measures her school is taking in the wake of February's mass shooting will make going back to school following spring break even more hard.

Principal Thompson, who is revered by much of the student body, has pleaded with teachers, students and their parents for patience as school officials and the Broward schools district figure out how to keep students safe long term. Student Josh Gallagher said, "This clear backpack idea is to give us kids a false sense of security and now has enraged most of the students here at MSD".

Another student tweeted a photo of her clear backpack that had nothing but a handwritten note inside which read: 'This bag contains everything politicians care about, besides money'.

"Until we see all of us on the same page working together, nothing's going to happen", she said.

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Some see it as an invasion of privacy, and some say it's not the change that's needed to ensure school safety.

"As much as I appreciate the effort, we as a country need to focus on the real issue instead of turning our schools into prisons".

"I thought her comments were well placed to a guy who had gone off the rails. spewing the hate", Nugent said.

The shooting galvanized a student-led movement calling for stricter gun laws, and some students used the clear bags to make a political statement. There are a lot of great plans on paper, but implementation is just not feasible.

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Clear backpacks may deter some from bringing weapons into school, but without metal detectors people can still hide them in folders or in between papers, junior Isabella Pfeiffer said.

Morgan said while she is thankful for the traction of the Never Again Movement and the work she and her peers are doing to tackle gun reform, she added an important element of that is to hear the stories of people who survived the mass shooting and other forms of gun violence.

Students, now required to wear ID badges around their necks at all times, are being allowed inside through four monitored gates before school starts, and through just one entry point after the bell rings.

Safety expert and former police officer Michael Dorn said clear backpacks were not an effective method in preventing school shootings. "But it made me feel better because we all looked the same".

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'Clearly stupid': Florida school shooting survivors forced to carry clear backpacks