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Spider-Man PS4 Has MJ As Playable Character, 30FPS And No Microtransactions

05 April 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man, the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 game based on the world of the web-slinger, is officially coming to the console this September 7.

The magazine promises to deliver loads of exclusive content featuring the game.

There will be post-launch DLC, consisting of three new chapters each with new missions, new villains and characters, and additional suits for Spider-Man.

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We spent two days in Insomniac's studio learning about the development team's vision for Spider-Man on PlayStation 4.

Superhero games haven't had the most impressive run on consoles in recent years, but the latest crack at bringing Spider-Man to life in pixels has got everyone excited. The game also features a fast travel system through the subway. Spider-Man games hinge on their swinging mechanic and, if this trailer is anything to go by, the title appears to be the most organic and spectacular reinterpretation of Spidey's web-traversal to date. We think it's pretty safe to assume that we'll see more footage during E3, though nothing has been confirmed at this point. It's important to note that Sony also owns the rights to the Spider-Man movie rights, so it does make sense that Marvel approached them to create the game.

One of the special editions of the game is the Digital Deluxe Edition. You can also enjoy Photo Mode in the game. Residents in the US and Canada who pre-order this edition will also receive a collectible pin via mail as an additional bonus.

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People who pre-order the game at select retailers will be greeted to a Spider-Man Physical Pin, so long as supplies last. Because of this, it's always worth it to pre-order games from Amazon, especially if you know you want that game before it comes out.

Things get thrown into peril when Parker learns his Aunt May is under Li's employ - this is the first big personal/hero dilemma Parker will face in the player's journey through the game.

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Spider-Man PS4 Has MJ As Playable Character, 30FPS And No Microtransactions