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The gender pay gap is widest in these industries

05 April 2018

The company's gender pay report said: "We are satisfied that our gender pay gap is not a problem of unequal pay but one of under-representation of women in senior level roles".

Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspurs and Arsenal reported mean hourly gender pay gaps between 80% to 87%.

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What do the companies have to reveal?

The remarks came as a deadline approached for British companies to publish data on their pay gap.

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Ms Wheeler said that while there are some jobs and sectors which naturally attract more male or female candidates, it would be disappointing if employers used this as an excuse to not react to the numbers.

Female employees in the United Kingdom are finally learning what their male counterparts make. Women's median bonus pay is also 27 per cent lower than men's.

Some industrial sectors have much larger pay gaps, such as air transport with a 35.9 per cent gap, financial and insurance activities with a 32.8 per cent pay gap, the arts with a 36.5 per cent pay gap, and legal and accounting with a 23.8 per cent pay gap.

However, many employers have revealed the difference in their companies is greater than this.

Turner, the parent company of CNN, said in a filing Tuesday that its mean gender pay gap in the United Kingdom was 21%, while its median gap was 27%. United Kingdom becomes the first countries to require companies to publish their figures. It has forced many employers to do the maths they had not hitherto done.

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Which are the offending companies? "And while many financial firms have produced slick reports showing how they're tackling the issue, I think they'll get the message loud and clear if their customers switch to providers with a smaller gender pay gap".

And 6,493 companies pay men more than women, in comparison to 1,213 that pay women more than men.

Male employees - who almost all work in the head offices instead of the retail stores - earned more money and received bigger bonuses. But comparing the mean hourly gender pay it had just 0.84 percent difference between the genders.

Equal pay, the idea that people who do the same job should be paid the same amount, has been legally enforced in the United Kingdom since 1970. It has made the information publicly available on its own website, reporting an 8.5% median pay gap and 12.4% mean.

The annual salary paid to EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren was cut by £34,000 ($48,000) to £706,000 ($994,000) in January. BBC too is working on the issues. Female executives are also paid 88% less on average than men in the same roles.

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The gender pay gap is widest in these industries