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Apple is working on new touchless controls for its upcoming iPhones

06 April 2018

Also in the works alongside the new displays, is a new gesture control feature. As I covered yesterday, touchless gesture control features are reportedly being developed for upcoming iPhones, and Apple is supposedly even testing a new iPhone design that is curved instead of flat, like every iPhone that has been released so far. However, there is no word on how these new gestures would be integrated into iOS software. Unlike Samsung Galaxy S9's display, the display on iPhones will be curving inwards gradually from top to the bottom of the front of the phone. Apple's latest iPhones have a feature called 3D Touch that responds differently depending on different finger pressures. To stay ahead, Apple needs compelling new features and designs. There is also no word on whether Apple will actually bring these capabilities into the market.

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After three consecutive years of iterative iPhone updates that included nearly no design changes, Apple in 2017 released a completely redesigned iPhone. In the meantime, Apple will evolve the technologies it delivered first in the iPhone X, and it will offer more display size and pricing options too. The technology likely won't be ready for consumers for at least two years, if Apple chooses to go forward with it, a person familiar with the work said. The videos are short and sweet, at just about a minute long each, and while some of the more tech-savvy people out there may not find them particularly informative, they serve as a nice segue for those just now getting an iPad. The iPhone X's OLED display has a slight curve at the bottom, but it is negligible.

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Industry insiders close to Bloomberg suggest that Apple is presently working on the curved displays for iPhones. According to Bloomberg, Apple will be developing its processors for the Mac as early as 2020, doing away with current Intel processors powering the product.

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Apple is working on new touchless controls for its upcoming iPhones