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Fortnite gets v3.4 Content Update with Vending Machines

06 April 2018

Since they spawn randomly it will likely be a while before players find every possible location, but we'll offer some tips based on what we've deduced so far.

The big addition to battle royale with this week's content update is the Vending Machine. From what we're seeing right now, most people are locating Vending Machines in defined areas. The larger and more skilled your Squad, the more success you'll have.

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Part of the fun with vending machines is the random nature of them.

The Vending Machine Locations have been pinpointed on this map. There's no limit to how many items you can buy, provided you can afford it.

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And in games such as Fortnite or PUBG, there's loot and materiels that players need to pick up in order to be prepared for battle and secure the victory. The machines will be scattered across the map with Common items selling for 100 materials, Uncommon for 200, Rare for 300, Epic for 400, and Legendary for 500 materials. Vending Machines will host 3 items, with one item purchasable by wood, stone and metal each.

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It was released for console and PC gamers in September 2017, and is thought to already have upwards of 45m players, but the iOS release marks the first time it has been available to those playing on mobile. Vending Machines should be live on all platforms.

Fortnite gets v3.4 Content Update with Vending Machines