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Cities and States Mount Court Challenge to Census Question on Citizenship

07 April 2018

He said that this requirement has been respected for decades, until now.

Attorney General Josh Stein is now joining more than a dozen other states in suing the federal government over the question.

In my opinion, your recent editorial about adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census is wrongheaded.

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Seventeen states, the District of Columbia and six cities sued the USA government Tuesday, saying a plan to add a citizenship demand to the census questionnaire is unconstitutional.

The Trump administration is proposing adding the question, but people such as Dani Moore, director of the Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project at the North Carolina Justice Center, said it may discourage an untold number of people from answering honesty, for fear of how the information will be used.

The dispute arises from the Department of Commerce's decision last month to ask about respondents' citizenship on the upcoming census. It notes that in 1980 the Census Bureau fought back against a lawsuit to compel it to include a question about immigration status on the decennial survey, saying it would "severely jeopardize the overall accuracy of the population count". "It will undermine the accuracy of the Census, result in the loss of federal funds for Maryland and deprive our state of fair representation in Congress".

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Schneiderman said he is ready to take the case to the Supreme Court but doubts it will need to go that far. "Census Bureau directors appointed by presidents of both political parties have not included a question about citizenship since 1950 - almost seven decades ago - out of concern that it would result in an inaccurate count".

"Many federal programs rely on the population figures collected in the decennial census to allocate federal funds among states and local governments", the suit says.

Iowa could lose millions of dollars in federal funding if the 2020 Census includes a citizenship question, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday to block the move. According to the NY complaint, the Trump administration "added a demand for citizenship information to the 2020 questionnaire after less than four months of consideration", and it "did not conduct any research into the potential performance of the citizenship demand, and did not test the impact of adding a citizenship demand on data accuracy".

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"It's illegal also because the Administrative Procedures Act requires changes to the Census questionnaire be done after study and after public hearings and based on something other than mere guesses and somebody's idea of what would be a good new policy", Frosh continues. Immigrants account for 9.6 percent of Oregon's population, the suit claims, and in 2014, around 32 percent of immigrants in OR were undocumented.

Cities and States Mount Court Challenge to Census Question on Citizenship