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Trump's Call For National Guard Troops At The Border Falling Flat

10 April 2018

The Trump administration announced a hastily assembled plan Wednesday to deploy National Guard troops along the southwestern border, hoping to make good on a promise the president made a day earlier that caught many in the military by surprise.

Trump may be pandering to his base, but "the idea that there is something outlandish or even ominous in the use of National Guard troops to deal with a problem at the border is absurd", he said.

"The president has authorized the National Guard, with the affected governors' approval, to enhance its support to CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) along the border", said Dana White, chief spokesperson for the Pentagon at a news conference.

"She said Trump has not ordered for the deployment of national guardsmen and women from OR, but the governor pledged to say "no" if he does". "There's been no outreach by the President or federal officials, and I have no intention of allowing Oregon's guard troops to be used to distract from his troubles in Washington".

Trump said Thursday that he wants to send 2,000 to 4,000 Guard members to the border to help federal officials fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

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"The situation at the border has now reached a point of crisis", Trump's memo said. "That's usually when troops are, say, sent to a war zone for a federal mission", Eoyang said. His proposal, announced Wednesday, was quickly greenlighted by three Republican governors: Greg Abbott of Texas, Doug Ducey of Arizona and Susana Martinez of New Mexico.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, said Friday that she will consult with the head of the Alabama Guard to see what resources are available.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) said Thursday that the California governor, who has previously accused the Trump administration of "basically going to war" with his state over immigration policy, could say no to the deployment request.

Most conservative voices praised the move as a needed step in the effort to secure the U.S. -Mexico border, and many cited reports of a caravan of Central American migrants as an evidence of the urgency.

'I'd would like further conversations with him, ' she said, 'before I jump ahead of him and how he would like to secure his border'. Even the active duty military is typically prohibited legally against carrying out nationally police force functions, including apprehending individuals at the border.

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The National Guard has previously been deployed to help patrol the southern border, including in 2010 under former president Barack Obama, and from 2006-2008 under George W. Bush.

Trump tweeted early Wednesday that the USA has "very weak" border laws.

The Pentagon could not say where the money would come from and Trump admitted the White House was still "looking at" costs.

There's been no word yet from WA Gov. Inslee, but already Oregon's Governor Kate Brown, who has established a pattern of resisting Trump and the Feds at every opportunity, has said she will refuse.

New Mexico and California have also been asked to deploy troops.

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Trump's Call For National Guard Troops At The Border Falling Flat