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FTC to keep Uber on short leash over hacks

13 April 2018

Uber has been testing its new features with Denver's 911 system, which automatically sends the rider's location, as well as driver and auto information, to the dispatch center.

Khosrowshahi also said Wednesday that Uber is cooperating with federal investigators who are probing the company's deadly self-driving crash in Arizona last month. Following reports in 2014 that Uber employees used an administrative tool internally dubbed God-view to monitor active Uber cars and customers-and sometimes observed specific users' locations for amusement-Uber promised to use a newly created system to monitor and restrict employee access to such information.

Katie Futo has also had some bad rides.

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Trusted contacts: Riders will be able to designate up to five friends and family members as trusted contacts, and be prompted to share trip details with them during every ride.

My first week at Uber was the week we disclosed the 2016 breach.

She also said Uber's system has great potential, although she would like to see test results before passing judgment.

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"Definitely the driver when you're alone as a girl I mean sometimes they try to hit on you and they say things that don't make you feel uncomfortable", said Bren Lopez. We're partnering with the National Emergency Number Association on a project to improve communications between the nation's thousands of 911 centers. While no background check is flawless, our process is thorough, fair, and relevant to the work at hand. Uber will still have to reach deals with transit agencies and work out logistics, which could require municipal investments in infrastructure. The data will rerun every year and the drivers have to go through various testings before riding an Uber drive.

Denver Uber riders said they like the idea of the new safety features.

Uber's Safety Advisory Board was established in 2015 to bring new approaches, feedback, and expertise to our safety processes and technology. "As a start, today we're excited to share a series of product updates that give riders more ways to get around without needing a vehicle, and new ways we're collaborating with cities".

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Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson is now in charge of Uber's Safety Council as the high-tech company strives to make its transportation network safer.

FTC to keep Uber on short leash over hacks