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US State Secretary Nominee: Resolving N. Korea Nuke Issue Top Priority

13 April 2018

CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Trump's pick to be the next secretary of state, told his Senate confirmation hearing Thursday that he wanted to continue to "push back" against aggressive moves by Russian Federation.

AMCD calls on the Senate to quickly move Director Pompeo's nomination forward and to confirm him as US Secretary of State as soon as possible. But his appearance took a quick turn from foreign policy issues to the domestic, when Sen. "Your views do matter", the senator said.

Pompeo has historically had some choice words for Russian Federation, which US intelligence agencies said sought to sway the 2016 presidential election in Trump's favor and continues to meddle in USA politics even now.

Pompeo: Senator, I'm not gonna talk about the conversations with the President I had.

Since the start of the conflict in Syria, Pompeo has been a vocal proponent for direct United States military involvement.

"I would urge you to give it some thought", Coons replied. Rand Paul of Kentucky, has also said he is voting "no".

"The number of - we call them "no fear complaints" - the statutory requirement decreased from 2016 to 2017 by 40 percent", Pompeo explained.

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Mike Pompeo, " the congressman-turned-CIA director who's been decided on to be secretary of country promised Thursday to create their state Department as essential to federal security conclusions regarding the intellect agency. "I've been involved in that investigation", Pompeo said. Bob Menendez of New Jersey said in his closing remarks. He continued, "so, from the administration's perspective, the most important thing we can do is separate those two". Pompeo won't make that mistake.

Trump is preparing for a proposed summit in May with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to discuss the North's nuclear weapons program, which Kim has said is aimed at deterring a USA threat. In his testimony, he will try to shed the label of being a "hawk", arguing that he would prefer "unrelenting diplomacy rather than by sending young men and women to war". "I will recommend to the president that we do our level best to work with our allies to achieve a better outcome and a better deal". Instead, he wants to work with allies to fix "its most fatal flaws". Pompeo will face a battery of questions not only on matters of diplomacy, but also on whether he is willing to stand up to the president.

But Russia came up repeatedly.

Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo leaves a meeting with Sen.

Senator Richard M. Burr, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, assured his peers that Mr. Pompeo is transparent and a "natural fit" for the job. "I intend to make certain that the Department of State would be equally as essential to the president's procedures and also the federal safety of the U.S.".

Shaheen also pointed out that the administration still hasn't fully implemented sanctions that were passed overwhelmingly by the House and Senate.

"Did he ask you to do anything as it relates to that investigation?" asked Menendez. "He has never asked me to do anything that I considered remotely improper". Pompeo refused to answer either question.

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Trump has long lauded his close relationship with Pompeo.

"My instincts tell me no. ..."

"His reputation is not that strong on standing up to the president", Sen.

Trump's first secretary of State, former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson's efforts to reorganize and streamline the department wound up hollowing out its top ranks, said Barbara Stephenson, president of the American Foreign Service Association, a professional organization and labor union.

Question 17 asked, "Have you or your spouse ever represented in any capacity (e.g., employee, attorney or political/business consultant), with or without compensation, a foreign government or an entity controlled by a foreign government?"

"What is your real plan?" At the least one Republican, Sen. Bob Corker, echoed those concerns. "I also believe we have opportunities for increasingly robust and fair trading relationships that benefit the American people", he said.

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US State Secretary Nominee: Resolving N. Korea Nuke Issue Top Priority