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Facebook Admits It Collects User Data Even From Non-Users

17 April 2018

How does Facebook use the data?

Facebook gets some data on non-users from people on its network, such as when a user uploads email addresses of friends.

Besides, Facebook disclosed that it had spent over $2.6 million to cover the security fees of COO Sheryl Sandberg.

These services include social plugins, such as Like and Share buttons that help people share content of other sites; Facebook Login, through which one can a Facebook account to log into another website or app; Facebook Analytics that many websites and apps use to better understand how people use their services; and Facebook ads and measurement tools, using which other websites and apps show ads from Facebook advertisers to run their own ads on Facebook or elsewhere.

The company argued each individual user could be "aggrieved" differently, and must prove that they suffered an actual injury beyond a privacy right.

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Calls for Facebook users to delete their account have intensified over recent weeks, but the company's admission suggests that ditching the social network altogether won't keep you out of Mark Zuckerberg and co's line of sight. Many businesses use Facebook ads to promote their products and services.

'We do that for a number of reasons including security and measuring ads to make sure that the ad experiences are most effective, which people can of-course opt out of.

Facebook says it can collect personal data as many websites and apps use the social networking giant's services to make their content and ads more engaging and relevant. While those types of information are mutable - even Social Security numbers can be changed - biometric data for retinas, fingerprints, hands, face geometry and blood samples are unique identifiers. Ben Lujan, a Democrat from New Mexico, asked Zuckerberg, "How many data points does Facebook have on each Facebook user?"

Nigerians, who want to find out whether their data were shared by with Cambridge Analytica, can look out for a link named "protecting your information" link at the top of their news feed.

The "tag suggestions" feature, involves Facebook running facial recognition tech on uploaded photos to match them with other users automatically.

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Facebook Analytics provides developers information on how people are spending time on their websites and apps.

India will join the league of other countries such as France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines and the U.S., where Facebook has already been running similar initiatives. The election commission will continue to work with Facebook for the Karnataka assembly poll.

Whenever you visit other websites, Facebook, either through its services on those websites or through the cookies (basically a form of code which tracks users' activities over the internet) stored on your browser, collects location, browser information including your past activities and operating system, among others.

"We've got to fix that", Representative Luján, a Democrat, told Zuckerberg, calling for such disclosure, a move that would have unclear effects on the company's ability to target ads.

Facebook has not always provided as much information as it does now.

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Facebook Admits It Collects User Data Even From Non-Users