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Reviews on Brand New Atmosphere base bombings a Fictitious Alert

19 April 2018

Earlier in April, four Iranian military personnel were killed in an airstrike on the Syrian T4 air base in Homs.

"There was no external attack on Syria", the source added. Reports close to the regime indicated that its defences shot down six missiles targeting the base.

State-run news agency SANA reported air defenses had shot down some of the missiles targeting the base.

They also reported that three other missiles targeted the Dumair airbase in the north of Damascus, but were also intercepted before reaching the targets.

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"There are no United States or Coalition operations in that area [Homs]".

Israel's main concern in Syria is the growing influence of Iran, which it says supplies weapons to Hezbollah from inside the country.

In addition to praising the recent victory of the government troops in the East Ghouta region, east of Damascus, the protesters demanded the departure of the invading U.S. troops from Syrian territory and the closure of their military bases.

The U.S., along with the United Kingdom and France, conducted airstrikes on Saturday in Syria to punish the Assad regime for an apparent chemical weapons attack against civilians.

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The fresh attack comes as the US, France, and Britain launched a missile strike on Syrian military positions in the capital Damascus and in Homs last Saturday over the same allegations of chemical weapons' use by the Syrian government forces.

Experts from the global chemical-weapons watchdog are in Damascus waiting to visit the site of the suspected chemical attack in Douma. Syria and its allies Iran and Russian Federation blamed Israel for that attack.

On Monday, Syrian and Russian authorities prevented investigators from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons from going to the scene, the head of the group said, blocking global efforts to establish what happened and who was to blame.

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Reviews on Brand New Atmosphere base bombings a Fictitious Alert