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Battlefield to get Battle Royale Mode? Because of Course it is…

22 April 2018

The game is now in Season 3, which is scheduled to end on April 30, leading many to believe that the meteor could drastically change the "Fortnite" map with a fiery blast - in a similar way that the dinosaurs were wiped out - especially if it were to hit "Tilted Towers", one of the most high-traffic, metropolitan areas in the game, where the meteor has been spotted. Earlier today, reports from VentureBeat's Jeffrey Grubb reveal that the studio behind the upcoming Battlefield V is testing a battle royale mode for the game.

Fortnite fans are sure to be happy this weekend, as Epic Games announced that players will receive double experience from Thursday, April 19 until Sunday, April 22.

As of writing, it is unknown how long 50v50 will remain in Fortnite: Battle Royale, especially with constant updates.

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The hugely popular battle royale game, Fortnite, is coming to China, it appears.

As for 50v50 V2, teams are split across two busses, which approach the island from opposite ends. Cross-play is promised for the game, so you'll be able to compete with Xbox One and PC owners.

As expected, a new content update for Fortnite version 3.5 went live in the wee hours of the morning.

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In the 50v50 mode, the usual 100-person free-for-all has been divided up into two teams of Red and Blue. An added bonus includes free 20 Battle Pass Stars for each Battle Royale player and 1600 Seasonal Gold for Save the World. The final storm will also be visible on the mini-map from the start and players are given 10 minutes to loot the map while the storm closes in on the circle.

Players are even already used to jumping from planes and parachuting into large scale maps in previous Battlefield games, so the battle royale framework moulds itself easily to DICE's patented gameplay formula. Because you have a huge team around you, you can practice building and figure out the ins and outs of the game without needing to worry too much about running into an enemy player.

Energy assault weapon with a moderate rate of fire and large magazine size.

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Battlefield to get Battle Royale Mode? Because of Course it is…