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Spotify upgrades its free streaming service to make discovering new music easier

25 April 2018

If you are using Spotify on a computer or a tablet, the free version will still allow you unlimited access to Spotify's entire music library, as well as the ability to create playlists, but you can no longer download songs for offline use.

Non premium users are now limited to shuffled songs, but Spotify is ading new on demand music for that segment of it's users.

Likewise, those in the free tier can now listen to any music they want, at any time, and for as many times.

Spotify says the feature cuts data consumption by up to 75%.

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"We are creatively using the user's device to cache, store music so they can listen to it ahead of time". It will also impact the battery less. This is how Spotify pays for the option, but the streaming company also sees the ads as a way to incentivize free customers to make the jump to the paid subscription model.

During the presentation, Spotify said that by improving its free experience, there will be higher chances for those free users to become premium users.

The music-streaming company is giving Spotify free customers access to certain features that were only available to those who subscribe to Spotify Premium. "Now, Spotify is both the radio station and the record store", he said, pausing before throwing a little shade at the radio industry, "but unlike radio, we actually share the revenue with artists and users". After all, the free offering still pales in comparison to what Spotify Premium brings to the table.

Babar Zafar, Spotify's VP of Product Development, said the Spotify app will optimize how much of a phone's space is used as its streams music.

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The move is part of an effort to attract more paying subscribers.

Spotify, which announced the changes at an event on Tuesday, said the 15 playlists are equivalent to 750 tracks or about 40 hours of music.

Now that Spotify is officially a public company, it has to continually make more money year-over-year to appease shareholders. As such, it needs to attract more users and it appears that it's trying to do so by making its free service more appealing.

If you've been a subscriber since the beginning, it's easy to forget that you enjoy a lot of features that you probably take for granted.

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There will also be a Data Saver function where as the name implies, will result in less data being consumed while streaming.

Spotify upgrades its free streaming service to make discovering new music easier