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New security video shows Toronto van attacker driving on sidewalk, people fleeing

27 April 2018

"All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!" reads the post.

However, according to Toronto police Det.

Alek Minassian, 25, was arrested by Toronto police and has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder in connection with Monday's van attack on Yonge Street south of Finch Avenue.

Forums are laced with suggestions from users that at least some of the discussions are merely satire or a way of blowing off steam.

They meet on anonymous online message boards like 4chan and, where they use very specific vocabulary to vent about the perceived injustices visited on men by women.

"Being incel has no relation whatsoever with violence, aggression, misogyny, or any other negative connotation", the administrator wrote, adding, "While he may have called himself an incel, he does NOT in any way represent the community". Wes, who lives nearby, was strolling down Yonge Street to get a haircut when he saw a body bag on the ground.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, said he does not have a clear motive, even after the odd Facebook posts. He is looked upon by the extreme corners of the incel community as a hero. Another classmate, Josh Kirstein, told The New York Times that Minassian "would cower and avoid eye contact when he saw a girl".

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For those not well-versed in misogynistic sub-cultures online, "incel" is short for "involuntary celibate".

Toronto-based feminist writer Anne Theriault said: "As gender roles change, some young men have a troubled relationship with masculinity, and incel fills a void".

But since then the woman, who asked to be identified only as Alana, said she had been saddened to see the phrase - shortened to "incel" - co opted.

The now-deleted post saluted Elliot Rodger, a college student who killed six people and wounded 13 in shooting and stabbing attacks near the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2014.

Alt-right is an umbrella term, coined by white supremacist Richard Spencer, used to refer to a movement that takes in elements of the far-right and white-nationalism and has been associated with misogynistic and homophobic views. People start to say, "he was mentally ill, he's a lone wolf".

She describes incels as cisgender heterosexual men who haven't had sex - "not out of choice". "It sounds like someone who is trying to make sense of why they can not connect with other people".

Bailey Poland, the author of a 2016 book about online misogyny, says the talk of brutality is risky, whatever the posters' intentions.

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There are many massacres in which both men and women are killed wholesale.

"We want everyone to know that she embodied the definition of altruism", D'Amico said. "And I think it just reifies and confirms itself [or] establishes itself through these echo chambers online".

Minassian intentionally drove his white Ryder rental van right into a lunch-hour crowd in Toronto alongside a roughly mile-long stretch of sidewalk thronged with pedestrians, police stated. You're angry because a woman won't have sex with you?' But that's actually what drives them. Many incels feel that women's preference for Chads over them is an example of female vacuousity and shallowness. Gaining dating experience or learning pick-up techniques won't help, they believe.

"If you take guns out of the mix, Canada and the USA are identical", she said, citing statistics indicating the two countries have similar rates of non-firearm homicides.

The problem with such forums, she said, is they can exacerbate feelings of isolation and rage when that's the only sentiments being discussed. "She only had kindness in her", her family said in a statement April 24.

A senior official with the Forces said Minassian wasn't adapting to military life, including in matters of dress, deportment and group interactions in a military setting but that "there were no red flags and nothing that would point to anything like this".

In a letter to his employees Tuesday, Michael Rudan, the owner of Copacabana, a Brazilian steakhouse in Toronto, confirmed that chef Chul Min "Eddie" Kang died in the attack.

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In 2014 a Muslim-Canadian gunman killed a member of the honor guard at Ottawa's national war memorial, then stormed Parliament, where he was shot dead by a sergeant-at arms.

New security video shows Toronto van attacker driving on sidewalk, people fleeing