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Facebook now lets parents schedule 'sleep mode' in Messenger Kids app

29 April 2018

According to YouTube, "Parents know better than anyone what they want their children to watch". The app comes with total parents control feature so parents can setup things for their Children. Any attempt to open Messenger Kids will be met with a message telling the child the app is in sleep mode and that they should come back later.

The new sleep mode will allow parents to set predetermined times that Messenger Kids can not be used, whether that's a blocked out time for homework, during the night, or other times decided upon by the guardian.

Parents can use this feature by enabling this feature from their accounts.

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The main idea of Messenger Kids is the parental control of the time kids are spending on Facebook Messenger.

The new feature will allow parents to set designated start and stop times for when the app will go to "sleep".

Since its launch in December 2017, Messenger Kids is facing widespread criticism for encouraging children to join social media. The mode is controlled from the Parent Control centre in the parent's Facebook account and the "off times" can be changed at any time.

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This is really cool for the parents, where they can welcome their next generation to the digital world, and control their stay in the same simultaneously. Under the "app controls" header, the Sleep Mode menu will appear. Messenger Kids doesn't have any advertisements or in-app purchases, and Facebook said it was developed in compliance with COPPA, the law that protects children's privacy online. For example, you could prevent your kids from using the app after 8pm on weekdays when they should be sleeping or doing their homework. In addition to sleep mode, parents can add and remove contacts, delete the child's account, or create a new account right from the control panel.

Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been under the radar ever since the social network's disclosure that 87 million of its users' information was wrongly shared with Cambridge Analytica, a political targeting firm.

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Facebook now lets parents schedule 'sleep mode' in Messenger Kids app