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Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by House Republicans

03 May 2018

According to CNN, Indiana's Rep. Luke Messer spearheaded the nomination, writing a formal letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

A group of Republicans has nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to ease nuclear tensions between North and South Korea.

"Although North Korea has evaded demands from the worldwide community to cease its aggressions for decades, President Trump's peace through strength policies have worked and brought peace to the Korean Peninsula".

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It comes after a landmark meeting between President Moon and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un that ended in an commitment to end a war between the two nations that has lasted almost 70 years.

"The only reason the North Korean dictator is coming to the table is because President Trump has stared him down and shown him that we have a leader in America who means business and who has changed the dynamic in major ways", Messer told Fox News.

In Washington's fevered political climate - in which "it's virtually impossible for one party to give credit to the other" - Trump's personality and "inability to think about the "we" rather than just the "me" is further reinforcing the antagonism, Miller said.

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First point of order would be to clarify that this is an absurd point and that the potential of peace to the region is in spite of Donald Trump's foreign policy jibes at North Korea.

It may seem like a technicality to end a war that hasn't seen any major conflict for a number of decades, but the moves towards peace in the Korean Peninsula mean much more than that. North Korea also indicated they will be ending their nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile testing program. Denuclearization of North Korea has been a key issue going into the talks between the US and North Korea.

Last week North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met, agreeing to enter into talks with the formally end the Korean War and work toward eliminating nuclear weapons.

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Other Senate hopefuls who co-signed Messer's nomination letter were Reps. Those talks will likely take place - if they take place - sometime in June, Trump has said.

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by House Republicans