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Watch out! This WhatsApp message can brick your phone

08 May 2018

For this situation you have to keep an eye out for a dark dot in the center of a WhatsApp message, however, evidently, the bug message isn't generally so natural to spot.

This is not the first time that such a message has been circulating in the platform. Separately, WhatsApp's latest Android beta version hints that the company has registered a new domain name called, a short link for, and it opens a chat automatically without the help of the app in the browser.

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It should be noted though that the black dot prank message only works on Android smartphones, following an iOS bug that blocked WhatsApp and other communications apps.

To enjoy the new chat feature, WhatsApp's 1.5 billion active users need to type number) of the person they want to drop the text to. It is specially crafted because it is created to lure users into tapping a portion of the text so the hidden symbols are expanded, which then overloads the app and even the entire operating system of the smartphone.

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WhatsApp has finally started working on the WhatsApp Business app for iOS as well, as a couple of screenshots from the upcoming app have been leaked online. The second message bomb says, "If you touch the black point then your whatsapp will hang", and it also has a finger emoji pointing to a dot. In some cases, it freezes the app. One such nefarious intentions are new buggy messages found on the WhatsApp Android app. The bad thing about message bombs is that they crash the user's smartphone after the user clicked on the message. WhatsApp itself has yet to make any comment on the bug or issue a patch to protect against it, so we can't yet be sure about exactly what's going on. However, it is better avoiding such message forwards. Other various messaging apps too have become victim to such buggy messages including Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

Have you already received this cheeky message? There are also complaints of Android phones being disrupted by the message bombs.

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Watch out! This WhatsApp message can brick your phone