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As Europe's Data Law Takes Effect, Watchdogs Go After Tech Companies

28 May 2018

Obviously, springing these suits on day one is largely a political stunt, and I do wonder if the timing - before many DPAs have announced they will begin penalizing companies and before any case law has been established around the new regulation - may ultimately be a detriment to the cause.

The Los Angeles Times' website can't be accessed in Paris.

At a time when several technology companies have come under the scanner for misuse of personal data of users, the new European Union legislation, passed in April 2016, is seen as an attempt by the lawmakers to restrict the powers of the technology companies.

"You have to have a "yes or no" option", Austrian Max Schrems said before filing complaints in European jurisdictions.

Four EU citizens filed the complaints with local regulators in Belgium, Austria, Germany and France. Some acknowledged the new privacy rules with large disclaimers and other information to explain what information was being gathered when a reader visits the site. Users of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Google services have no choice, the complaints argue, but to opt-in to all of their data collection policies.

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Alphabet Inc's Google sought to ease online publisher concerns on Thursday about the effects European data privacy rules going into effect in just a few hours will have on their ad business.

Further, the required changes a company needs to make in its operation and the legal advice it needs to procure in order to make itself compliant with the new regulations may impose additional costs, which many smaller businesses may struggle to afford.

Thanks to GDPR, you will also now have a much better insight into the astonishing amount of data companies hold on you.

"It's a gradual and not a revolutionary kind of thing ..."

Legislation passed in December 2017 implemented the GDPR in Belgian law and created the new structure for the Data Protection Authority. This application extends to the processing of personal information whether within the European Union or outside of it, by both data collectors and data processors.

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Could this hint to these other companies' non-compliance? The law applies not only to companies in Europe but all foreign companies providing services or selling products to European citizens as well.

It is unclear how many provisions of GDPR will be interpreted and enforced. That basically means most multinational corporations or organizations need to comply with the new regulation. It's awesome how well GDPR is working, and it's only been in effect for one day.

Now, you can go to the bottom of Twitter's "settings and privacy" menu, then click on "Your Twitter data". Organizations should already be able to provide products or services that address their customers' rights as outlined in the GDPR.

Users are being flooded with email updates of the policies and the kind of data they will be sharing with their ecosystem partners. This is due to failure to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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As Europe's Data Law Takes Effect, Watchdogs Go After Tech Companies