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Cyclone Mekunu surges through Oman killing 2

28 May 2018

Three Indians were among 11 people killed by Cyclone Mekunu that has battered southern Oman and the Yemeni island of Socotra, authorities and reports have said.

A cyclone more powerful than any previously recorded in southern Oman has slammed into the Gulf country and neighbouring Yemen, deluging a major city with almost three years' worth of rainfall in a single day and leaving 11 people dead.

Many officers rode in Royal Oman Police SUVs with chicken wire over the windows, likely because their other vehicles weren't tall enough to maneuver through the flood water.

Tourist beaches were littered with debris and foam from the Arabian Sea.

The disputed Yemeni island of Socotra saw at least 3 deaths and multiple Yemeni, Indian and Sudanese nationals have been reported missing, according to SCMP. At least 40 people were missing.

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Salalah's airport has been closed until midnight on Saturday, local time (20:00 GMT).

Authorities opened up schools to shelter people at risk from the torrential rains on Friday.

A flooded street in Oman.

Skymet Weather said that Cyclone Mekunu, which is yet to make a landfall, is presently in southwest Arabian Sea and is moving far away from the Indian coastline.

Rescue workers could not reach the southern and eastern parts of the island which they are located in the centre of the cyclone, Kafin said.

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Civil defence officials said a man and a 12-year-old girl were killed, while three Asian nations were missing after the cyclone hit Oman's Dhofar and AlWusta provinces.

Yemen's self-exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi issued a statement ordering troops under his command on the island to help citizens, deliver supplies and reopen roads.

The entire country of Oman is in grave danger as Tropical Cyclone Mekunu travels over the Arabian sea.

Yemen declared a state of emergency on Thursday for Socotra, which lies between southern Yemen and the Horn of Africa and is renowned for its unique animal and plant life.

The NCM also predicts that Mekunu will intensify into a Category 2 cyclone over the next 12 hours, with an expected wind speed of between 155 to 165 km/h.

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Cyclone Mekunu surges through Oman killing 2