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Tesla on autopilot crashes into parked police SUV in Laguna Beach

30 May 2018

A Tesla sedan running in its autopilot mode crashed into a parked police vehicle in Laguna Beach, California on Tuesday, per the Associated Press, resulting in "minor injuries" to the driver.

The collision happened at 11:07AM local time, Laguna Beach PD told the LA Times. The parked cruiser was unoccupied, the officer standing about 100 feet away off Laguna Canyon Road as he responded to a call.

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A Tesla Model S driver is claiming her vehicle was in Autopilot mode when it crashed into a parked police cruiser.

The latest crash involving a Tesla in Autopilot mode didn't turn tragic, as some past ones have, but certainly was embarrassing. Tesla's autopilot system uses sensors, cameras, and radar to study the vehicle's surroundings and carry out automatic functions which include emergency braking.

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Tesla's Autopilot is a semi-autonomous system that enables vehicles to drive themselves in certain conditions. The man in the Tesla suffered "minor injuries" while the police officer who owned the police auto wasn't in the vehicle at the time. It also insists the accidents are primarily the result of human error, not the autopilot feature itself. The driver was traveling at 60 miles (97 km) per hour when the Model S smashed into a fire truck stopped at a red light, according to police.

Tesla founder Elon Musk complained about the press coverage Tesla crashes are receiving earlier this month. In both cases. Tesla says. There have been a series of accidents involving Tesla vehicles on autopilot.

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Tesla's Autopilot feature is an advanced driver-assistant feature on the Model S and Model X that features the ability to change lanes, lane centering, adaptive cruise control, and more. Drivers are also "continuously reminded" of the need to keep hands on the wheel at all times, the company added. The technology "doesn't make the vehicle impervious to all accidents", it said.

Tesla on autopilot crashes into parked police SUV in Laguna Beach