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Main » Teens are breaking up with Facebook faster than we thought, says study

Teens are breaking up with Facebook faster than we thought, says study

04 June 2018

New figures from Pew's latest survey show that YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat - in that order - are the most popular online platforms among U.S. teens ages 13 to 17. The researchers discovered that more than 80 percent of USA teens are using YouTube, making this video-streaming service the most popular social media platform for teens.

Alongside YouTube, Instagram was the next highest, with the platforming being used by 72 percent of teens. Instagram was the only other site at the time that a majority of teens (52 percent) reported using.

Facebook is still used by more than half of all teens aged 13 to 17, the survey results indicate. She further said that earlier the kids used Facebook mostly but at the present, they do not tend to stick to a particular social networking medium.

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The second most popular service is Instagram, a Facebook-owned platform.

It was a 20 percent jump for Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, and a 28 percent pop for Snapchat. The Pew analysis was based on a survey of 1,058 parents who have a teenager between 13 and 17, as well as interviews with 743 teens themselves. Only 36 percent of users come from households that make more than $75,000 yearly.

In case you had any doubts, teenagers are using social media. It also asked teens to state which social media websites they used and didn't use.

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The Pew survey found that some 95% of teens now say they have or have access to a smartphone. While 31% of the teens described the effect as positive the 24% of the respondents said it affects negatively.

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Those data, combined with decreasing user numbers overall, can be problematic to a social platform hoping to woo more marketers to spend money to appeal to younger consumers-especially those with more disposable income.

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Usage of the internet has gone up overall among teenagers, with 45 percent reporting that they use it almost constantly, compared to just 24 percent three years ago.

Teens are breaking up with Facebook faster than we thought, says study