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United Nations watchdog confident of North Korea role if nuclear deal is struck

06 June 2018

Tehran has said it will stay in the JCPOA if the Europeans give guarantees that a deal without the United States would still protect the Iranian interests.

Earlier on Monday, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hinted at the move by warning European leaders against their "dream" of Tehran continuing to curb its nuclear programme while finding itself under new economic sanctions.

Afterwards, the two leaders were asked about a Sunday tweet from Khamenei's account saying his country's "stance against Israel is the same stance we have always taken".

Before the deal was signed, Iran had reached 20 percent enrichment.

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"However, at this particularly critical juncture, they will not contribute to build confidence in the nature of the Iranian nuclear programme", Maja Kocijancic, spokeswoman for European Union diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini, told AFP. In March, Kamalvandi said that Iran could resume this level of production within 48 hours if the country's leaders deemed it necessary.

One of Trump's demands - which European allies support in principle - is new negotiations to rein in Iran's ballistic missile program, which was not covered by the nuclear deal. Although the remaining signatories-the U.K., Germany, France, Russia, China and the European Union-say they are committed to the agreement, the threat of new American sanctions could scupper it.

The remaining parties to the nuclear deal have warned the United States that its decision to withdraw from the pact jeopardizes efforts to limit Iran's ability to develop atomic weapons.

Israel is considered the leading military power in the Middle East and believed to be the only country in the region to possess nuclear weapons.

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Katz noted that many worldwide companies from France, England, Germany, Russia and other countries have already announced their intention to suspend their activity in Iran "because they don't want to be subject to the American sanctions". "Yesterday, he said how he would do this, by unlimited enrichment in order to produce an arsenal of nuclear bombs", Netanyahu said in a video statement on Twitter.

"By preventing Iran's military entrenchment in Syria, we're also preventing something that could be very, very unsafe for Europe", he added.

The letter comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began a tour of Europe created to turn European leaders' support for a revived accord into a US-style exit from it. He said France will continue to work with the existing deal which it considers the best way to control the country's nuclear activity.

He said U.S. "illegal withdrawal" from the deal and its "bullying methods to bring other governments in line" with that decision have discredited the rule of law in global arena.

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United Nations watchdog confident of North Korea role if nuclear deal is struck